Centralized lubricating oil feeding and devices

Feed pumps deliver lubricant from the lubricant reservoir to the centralized lubrication installation’s system of lines. They boost the energy (increase the pressure) of the lubricant to be delivered, the aim being to overcome the flow resistance (pressure losses) in the tubing, components (filters, valves, distributors), and friction points. The centralized lubrication system, also called an automatic lubrication system. The exact layout of a centralized lubrication system depends on the type of system you choose.

Centralized lubricating oil feeding and devices
  • Oil lubrication pump with digital display
  • Volumetric electric grease lubrication pump (gear pump, PLC control grease pump)
  • Micro cooling and lubrication pump
  • Immersion type high pressure coolant pump
  • Vertical multi stage centrifugal pump
  • Oil lubrication pump internal IC board
  • Automation oil lubricating pump
  • LC control thin oil lubricating pump
  • Hand-compression lubrication pump
  • Cenlub motorized lubrication pump
  • Hand-pull lubrication pump
  • Constant level lubricator and fluid level indicator
  • A2 digital grease lubrication pump
  • C2 volumetric grease lubrication pump