Pressure Gauges

A pressure gauge is a fluid intensity measurement device, without which, the amplitude of hydraulic or pneumatic energy would be guesswork. Pressure gauges are required for the set-up and tuning of fluid power machines, and are also indispensable in troubleshooting them. Without pressure gauges, fluid power systems would be both unpredictable and unreliable.Hydraulic pressure gauges are available to measure up to 14,000 psi, although maximum hydraulic pressure is typically in the 3000-5000 psi range.Pneumatic and compressed air systems are also rife with gauges, as pressure is also measured in many locations throughout the system. Pressure is measured at the receiver(s), as well as at every FRL or stand-alone regulator in the system. Sometimes pressure is measured at pneumatic actuators as well. Typically, pneumatic pressure gauges are rated for not much more than 300 psi, although typical systems run around 100 psi.

Pressure gauges
  • Bottom and back connection
  • Black steel and stainless steel case