Rubber sheets and beading

There are particular types of rubber products that have gained more prominence over others. Rubber sheets, for instance, are products that are used in many areas and can be used flexibly for different purposes. It is a sheet made of rubber or cloth coated with rubber. There is a wide variety of rubber sheets in the market and finding the most appropriate one is often a tough task. Before selecting that kind of sheet you should check its length, width and thickness as per your requirements. Today rubber sheets are available in the market, in various designs and specifications. This diversity is made in order to make them suitable for specific applications.
Rubber beading is one of the important accessories used in the automobile industry as well as in other industries where glass works are permanently in function. The rubber beading generally is a strip of rubber used along the edges of glasses to provide them support such that the glasses could withstand the jerks and shocks.

Rubber sheets and beading
  • Rubber sheet
    • Neoprene sheet and EPDM
    • Plain and cotton inserted
  • Silicon sheet
  • Diaphragm sheet
  • Cork sheet
  • Tangum sheet
  • Rubber beading
    • Neoprene , EPDM, Silicon and Viton