Industrial Pulleys

Industial Pulleys are¬†simple devices for increasing mechanical advantage in a wire, chain or rope system. … For modern industrial uses, Industrial pulley systems involve drive elements, such as belts, cables, ropes, and chains that move over grooves provided inside the industrial pulley system. They are applied to lift heavy weights with ease and hence, are of prime importance in heavy lifting tasks in the industrial space. pulleys are generally distinguished by belt type. There are timing belt, flat belt, round belt and V-belt pulleys, each used for the corresponding belt type.

Industrial Pulleys
  • Tapper Lock Pulley
  • Piolet Bore Pulley
  • Aluminium Pulley
  • Timing Pulley
  • Rope Pulley
  • 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-10 Grooves V Belt Pulley
  • A -b- C- D- Z Series V Belt Pulleys
  • Variouble Speed Pulley