Industrial Roller Chain & Connectors

These hard-working chains support the machines that drive vehicle assembly lines, harvest wheat, and transmit power in conveyor systems of all sorts. From the manufacturing revolution to today, roller chains have been a primary driver of industrial growth These versatile chains also can be used in hoisting heavy loads, or you can add attachments that provide them with special functionalities for transport Connecting links are used to join the two ends of the chain together and are provided in two different configurations, depending on the application.

Industrial roller chain & connectors
  • British Standard Roller Chain
  • American Standard Roller Chain
  • Double Pitch Roller Chain
  • Single Layer Double Layer
  • 3Layer
  • 4Layer
  • 6Layer
  • 8Layer
  • Link Belt Chain
  • Heavy Series Roller Chain
  • Conveyor Chain
  • Leafe Chaine
  • Connect Link
  • Of Set link