Lubrication Accessories

With the right fittings and accessories you can complete your lubrication system. The right applicator like nozzles, brushes or pinions can help to fulfill specific lubrication tasks. Lubrication fittings are used to lubricate mechanical parts which require grease. A spring loaded ball inside the lubrication fitting compresses when pressure is applied with a grease gun, which then allows the grease to flow through the fitting into the application. After pressure is released from the grease gun, the spring-loaded ball check returns to the head of the fitting and stops dirt and other contaminants from entering the oil lubrication fittings as well as preventing grease from escaping through the head of the fitting.

Lubrication Accessories
  • Grease Coupler
  • Button Head Copler & Adaptors
  • Grease Nipple
  • Bushings & Angle Bodies
  • Grease Fitting Cap
  • Grease Hose
  • Grease Tubing